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Steel Stamps, Hot Stamps, Restored AUTO Parts​

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Chris Beck • Head of Production / National Sales

BEX Engraving specializes in engraving TOOL STEEL, Stainless Steel, Graphite, and more!

We offer a sound, industry leading reputation for engraving expertise, unbeatable delivery schedules, and detail. Providing complete dies, ready for production. Kick start your delivery schedules with BEX Engraving's unbeatable die engraving services. Offering unmatched delivery of 3 to 7 days for most engraving services...​

Engraving Metal • Splash Dies • Embossing Dies • Aluminum Hot Stamping Dies 

Graphite Mold Engraving 

Steel Punches & Dies • Stamping Dies • Steel Hand Stamps 

Inspection Stamps • Machine Stamps Embossing & Debossing Dies 

Roll Dies (Radius Engraving) • Hob Dies 

EDM Die Cutting Services 

Mold Cavity and Insert Engraving (Mold Plates, Mold Inserts, Date Plugs, Mold Cores)

Steel & Aluminum • Panels • Tooling • Fixtures 

Precision Machined Parts • Auto Parts and Accessories • Custom Engraved / Branded 

Hot Rod Restoration • Speedometer Lenses

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