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Reproductions of US COLLECTIBLE Coins & Medallions • Commemorative Coins & Medallions

Collegiate Coins, University Coins, Awards of Recognition, Awards of Merit 

Custom AA Coins for Alcoholics Anonymous Central Offices &  Custom Designs, Meeting Halls, and Suppliers

Safety Incentive Program Coins for Unions and Businesses/Corporations

Custom Coins for Anniversaries, Celebrations, Business Events, Trade Shows, Coin Clubs 

Base Metals and Precious Metal Coin Production

and.. being a full service engraving and minting facility, we are able to provide... 

Custom Hallmark Die Stamps and Coin Jigs to fit all industry standards, and custom sizes.

Die Polishing & Heat Treating Services

Graphic Design

3D Hand  Medallic Sculptures

Aside from our on-hand graphics team, we also work with industry leaders in Hand Sculpting and Graphic Design, we can assist you from start to finish of your custom coin project
Contact our Sales Department with your project ideas today!

Custom minted coins: ​In 1983, The Bex Coin Mint was realized when our facility expanded its production to include Custom Coin Minting. providing complete custom coin fabrication services, from Design to finished Coin Presentation!

We provide custom coin minting in Precious Metals and Base Metals (copper, bronze, nickel, pewter, etc). Being a smaller minting facility, we offer affordable coin minting services, with exceptional quality and delivery. Whether you are an individual wanting a celebratory medallion for a special family event, or a large corporation looking for coins for a company event, Bex Engraving and Coin Mint is here to assist you in creating your custom coins.

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Have you considered a custom Coin series? At BEX Engraving & Coin Mint, we can assist you with the design process, including offering our expertise on how to set your Coin Series apart from all others.