Lady Liberty Silver Reserve Unit 999, by BEX

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Custom Coin minting at BEX Coin Mint

Industrial TooL & Die Engraving, Coining Die Engraving and Custom Coin Minting.

From the beginning, our services have included machining and engraving of Steel Dies, Injection Mold engraving, Radius and 3D stamping dies, and everything in-between. Our journey with coin die engraving started in the late 70s, becoming the industry leader in creating and supplying coin dies for the Casino Tokens industry and Coin Mints throughout the United States. Expanding our business to include Custom Coining in the early 80's,

Two generations of the Beck Family, Carrying on the family trade of expertise, with many of the original methods still being used, and many new methods being implemented. BEX has established itself to be the choice for Tool & Die Companies and Coin Mints across the United States, Cutting it right, Since 1973!

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Custom coining dies, for coinage and minting
Steel Dies, Engraved Parts, Machining
Coining Die Engraving, Custom Coin Minting, Die engraving

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