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Copper ROunds and Blanks

Silver Rounds
1 Troy Ounce • 1/2 Troy Ounce • 1/4 Troy Ounce

Metal Supply
Terms and conditions with regard to metal supply depend on current market prices or alternatively metal can be supplied by the customer. Please contact us for details.

Blanks – Copper, Silver, Brass, Nickel Metals

BEX Engraving produces high quality precious metal blanks/rounds for Individuals and Private Mints. We can also provide blanks in various  base metal alloys, such as nickel, bronze, and copper.

Standard blank products are available in a wide range of sizes. Additional blanking services include annealing, rimming, polishing, and burnishing, as required by the customer. Our use of high quality and certified materials ensures exacting finished products preferred by some of the most demanding and knowledgeable customers around the world.

The following Metals are available:

SILVER – .999 Fine Silver & .925 Silver(Custom Order)
BASE METAL – Copper, Bronze, Brass, Nickel Silver; as well, we offer clad base metals in Silver, Gold, and Rhodium.

Surface Finishing / Quality
The quality of the surface finish requested is based on industry standards. In general blanks should be free from blisters, porosity and laminations which would adversely affect the quality of the coined product. The terms and definitions used to describe and establish the surface characteristics and requirements for minted products are:

Ball Polished: 
Blanks with a bright surface, lightly textured on both sides. This finish is achieved through a wet tumbling operation using polished stainless steel media and specific chemicals. These blanks can be used for proof and proof-like coins and medallions

Blanks with a shiny surface and a visible textured peening finish which is achieved through a wet vibratory operation; normally with stainless steel media and specific chemicals. These blanks can be used for proof-like and high quality un-circulated coins and medallions.

Blanks with a uniform finish achieved during the final rolling stages without further mechanical or chemical surface treatments. These blanks can be used for un-circulated and bullion coins.

Please contact us for pricing, delivery, and availability.

Silver Blanks, Rounds and Minted Medallions

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Bex Engraving and Mint provides a range in sizes and weights for Bullion Rounds and Bars

All silver round products are guaranteed for Weight and Purity and undergo a stringent quality control process, wherein a certified chemistry analysis is linked to every product that ships from our facilities. Additionally, all products are subject to rigorous weighing and variation parameter testing, so as to ensure stated weights are absolutely accurate.

Small Orders to Large Capacity Production is available, contact us for information based on your needs.

Custom Minted Coins