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Custom challenge coins at Bex Engraving and Mint

  Challenge Coins

USN Challenge Coins

 Military Challenge Coins

Bex Engraving creates custom military challenge coins

 Army Challenge Coins

Bex Engraving and Mint creates custom US Army Challenge Coins
Army Coins

Custom US Air Force Challenge Coins created at Bex Engraving and Mint

 U S Air Force Coins


Bex Engraving has been creating custom challenge coins for Military, Law Enforcement, Government Agencies, Clubs, and Individuals since 1989

One of a handful of companies that offer USA Made challenge coins. Not only do we offer US Made, but also contract with several foreign companies that meet our high quality standards.

Because we offer US Made Challenge coins, from our artists to our production team, knowing what it takes to produce quality, details coins is crucial, even if production is from our foreign production facilities - quality - crisp clean details is mandatory.

Second Generation, Family Owned and Operated - since 1973... Bex Engraving knows coins!

Our Custom Challenge Coins Services Include:

  • Challenge Coin Design Consultations
  • Challenge Coin Digital Art Proofs
  • Unlimited Enamel Colors - Choice of Enamel Type
  • Soft PVC Coin Sleeves, up to 2½"
  • USPS Priority Mail Delivery - all US Postal Locations, Includes US Military locations
  • Dies and Molds Fees Included
  • Small Minimum Order Requirements

Customers orders are not treated like a store purchase, custom challenge coin orders at Bex Engraving are handled as such - a Custom Coin Order.

Offering a wide variety of custom challenge coin options:

  • All Shapes and Sizes Up to 4"
  • Cutouts
  • Spinners
  • 3 Dimensional Detailed
  • 2 Dimensional Detailed
  • Dual Plating Finishes / Gold - Silver
  • Diamond Cut Edge Details
  • Numbering
  • Bottle Opener Designs
  • Laser Etching / Numbering
  • Die Struck and Cast Options
  • Epoxy
  • Photo Imagery

The custom challenge coins options list goes on and on...

Have a design you would like a consultation on, 
Contact Us today... We look forward to hearing from you.

Current happenings at BEX Engraving and Mint, Challenge Coins Minted and Engraved

Employee Recognition Challenge Coins, we did enjoy designing this challenge coin for our newest clients.

LASD Men's Central Jail has come back to Bex Engraving for a revamp of a design that was commissioned almost 10 years ago. We were impressed by the original version, this newest design, even better!


Military Challenge Coins have become increasingly important to military personnel. From the highest ranking officials, even the President of the United States of America

Yes, even our President has his own custom challenge coin, being the Commander In Chief, it sets a standard for all other active military and government personnel to follow.

Military Challenge Coins have, over the years, taken on a life of their own it seems. As the manufacturing processes have evolved, so has the available custom design options. These days, if you can envision it, it can be created.

One of the most memorable challenge coin projects for Bex Engraving Coinage, 3d United States Infantry, The Old Guard

We are so proud and honored that BEX Engraving Coinage was chosen by Claisson Platoon to re-create their challenge coins. Creating two sets of challenge coins, one being a re-creation of coins from long ago, and a newer challenge coin design. Taking details from previously made challenge coins, we combined new with old...

           Custom Army Challenge Coin, Claisson Platoon
Army Challenge Coins, Claisson Platoon     

                                      * * * * * * * * * *                    

Another wonderful design through
production at Bex Engraving, 2½"s with Cut Outs, Dual Bi-Metal Finish, Enamel, and Multi-Leveled 3D details, this challenge coin is stunning!

     JTF AFG Army Challenge Coins by Bex Engraving and Mint

                                         * * * * * * * * * *

Creating custom military challenge coins is always a thrill, new designs capturing the design vision of those that will be presenting coins to military personnel

Still one of our favorite designs, the Goldhawks challenge coin has gone through a few design changes over the years, with each new graduating class and rotation, new designs are always expected, as well, looked forward to.
This beautiful
challenge coin is manufactured by Bex Engraving
, is Antiqued Bronze material, with wonderful enameled details. Diamond cut edging gives it that extra visual appeal, sized at 47mm or 1¾".

Maxwell AFB and Gunter Annex are located in Montgomery, Alabama. Montgomery is centrally located 82 miles south of Birmingham, the largest city in the state, and 162 miles from Atlanta, Georgia. Maxwell-Gunter is home to Air University, the 42d Air Base Wing, the 908th Airlift Wing, Headquarters Operations and Sustainment Systems Group.


The Wright Brothers established the first U.S. civilian flying school in Montgomery in 1910. In the 1930's, the Army Air Corps Tactical School moved to Maxwell and Montgomery became the country's center for airpower education. Air University continues the proud tradition of educating tomorrow's planners and leaders, in air and space power for the Air Force and other branches of the U.S. Armed Forces
Courtesy of

Have a custom challenge coin project coming up, or looking for a company to assist you with your coin project. Bex Engraving has been creating custom challenge coins, and other coinage, since 1973

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Bex Engraving was commissioned by the USS Carl Vinson to provide one of their onboard challenge coin collectibles. What an honor to be chosen to create coins for such a prestigious super carrier

The request was simple and direct, to create a simple, but striking challenge coin design. Several designs were provided for review, with this being chosen as the final design. This challenge coin was created with an antique nickel finish, with 2 Dimensional raised and hand painted details. Overall coin size 1¾".

         USS Carl Vinson Challenge Coins Bex Engraving and Mint

The CVN-70 USS Carl Vinson is the third of the Nimitz class nuclear powered “Supercarriers”. It was commissioned in 1982. Since then it has embarked CVW-3, CVW-8, CVW-9, CVW-11, CVW-14, and CVW-15, and been homeported at NAS Alameda near San Francisco, Bremerton / Puget Sound near Seattle, and NAS North Island near San Diego.

                                         * * * * * * * * * *

Challenge Coins are crossing the gap to companies for Achievement Recognition to Safety Coin Incentive Programs, and everything in-between

Whether the achievement is Driver of the Year or milestones reached within a companies Safety Incentive program, custom challenge coins are still the popular coin of choice. Design creativity sets each different achievement apart, company by company.
          Custom Safety Coins Achievement Coins Coins for Recognition Bex Engraving 714 879 6593

When considering a
custom coin design, choose your overall design theme, verbiage, and quantity... are your coins going to be a yearly project, or a recognizing a one time achievement ? Not sure how to get started with your custom achievement coins? Bex Engraving has been assisting customers with their design ideas and projects since 1984, and can assist you with yours...

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